OnStar we have it & the other guys don't.

We can send help even when you can't ask for it.

In most crashes, sensors can automatically alert us that you've been hit. Specially trained Advisors are available 24/7 to send help to your exact location. You don't have to do a thing.

More journeys, fewer hassles.

Aunt Cindy's new house. A good hotel in Hoboken. An away soccer game. From the places you need to find, to places you haven't thought of yet, OnStar Turn-by-Turn Navigation connects you to your destination effortlessly. Just push a button for directions you saved with eNav or for an Advisor to help you get anywhere. And, with OnStar, you'll have the most up-to-date routes right at your fingertips. The Directions & Connections plan includes Turn-by-Turn Navigation. Users can upgrade from the Safe & Sound plan for a small monthly fee.Know when you're good to go.On the road, it feels great to know your vehicle is running as it should. OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics sends you monthly email reports showing what's going on with your vehicle in simple language and images. It's all part of your OnStar service, no additional cost.

Every month, we automatically run hundreds of diagnostic and maintenance checks on your vehicle's key operating systems, including:Diagnostic Information

  • Engine and Transmission System
  • StabiliTrak┬« Stability Control System
  • Air Bag System
  • Emissions System
  • Antilock Brake System
  • OnStar System
  • Maintenance Information
  • Recommended Maintenance
  • Tire Pressure

Helping you get your vehicle back, safely.

There's no experience of safety like feeling confident even after an auto theft. If your vehicle is stolen, OnStar works with the police to attempt to recover it swiftly and safely. Here's just one OnStar subscriber whose stolen vehicle was returned.

Service varies by model and conditions.