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We offer a shuttle service to pick you up or take you home.
We also offer night drop or early bird drop off available.
Drop off forms are located out front of the dealership by the display vehicle at the front door.

At Searles Chevrolet we have partnered with AC Delco to provide you with the best quality products available for your servicing needs. View the catalogue by clicking the image on the left. Also, contact us for more information.
Service forms and are available on this page as well.
We look forward to seeing you soon.


General Motors is committed to designing, building, and selling cars that perform well and last a long time and to making the experience of owning a GM vehicle highly rewarding. GM is also working to make its vehicles more fuel efficient and emit fewer pollutants. A critical component of performance, longevity, and environmental sensitivity is the quality of the oil that goes into the car. The right oil will help your engine run well for a longer time; substandard oil could cause your engine to run poorly and may even damage it. Yet, in today's market it's not always possible to determine the quality of the oil you buy.

That's why GM Powertrain engineers developed the dexos engine oil specification. The result is engine oil designed specifically for your GM engine, with added performance in areas important to its operation. dexos represents a high quality, robust oil formulated to some of the most rigorous specifications in the industry. And just like GM, dexos is global. GM wants to make sure that every GM car anywhere in the world has access to the highest quality oil formulated exclusively for GM engines.

dexos is designed to increase fuel efficiency, extend the life of your emissions system, require fewer oil changes, and produce fewer emissions. You save time and money, and your car performs the way it was designed to.

dexos is the best oil for any GM car. It's that simple.

To ensure you are using the recommended oil for your GM car, choose authentic, licensed dexos oils. dexos is an exclusive trademark of General Motors. Only those oils displaying the green or blue dexos trademark and icon on the front label have been certified and licensed by GM as meeting the demanding performance requirements and stringent quality standards of the dexos specification. Other oils may make claims but have not gone through GM's rigorous testing and quality control process.